White Oaks Elementary - 3AAP Supply Kit

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drawstring back pack white oaks.jpg
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White Oaks Elementary - 3AAP Supply Kit


The White Oaks Elementary 3AAP Supply Kit includes:

12 Glue stick, .77 oz., Elmer's
3 #2 pencils, dozen, sharpened, Ticonderoga
1 Facial tissues, 160 ct.
2 Disinfecting wipes, 75 ct.
4 Dry erase markers, chisel tip, black, Expo
1 Pencil box, plastic, standard size
1 Scissors, 5", pointed tip
1 Crayola crayons, 24 ct.
3 Folder, 2 pocket, poly, (red, yellow, green)
2 Pink erase, Pink Pearl
6 Composition books, wide rule
1 Headphones, earbuds
1 Colored pencils, 12/set, Crayola
1 Highlighter, yellow, chisel tip
1 Ruler, 12", inches and centimeters
1 Markers, 10 ct., broad tip, Crayola
1 Graph paper, 80 ct.
2 ballpoint pen, red
1 school glue, 4 oz., Elmer's

***Your child’s personal supplies will be delivered in a custom White Oaks Elementary School drawstring backpack. (delivery will be made to the school prior to the orientation in August.)

***The items identified as community supplies (tissues, wipes, etc.) will be delivered directly to your child’s teacher for easy collection and storage.
*** Based on the number of students who purchase a Kit, your child’s school will receive FREE refills on select items in January. That means the more parents who purchase a Kit now, the fewer requests parents will receive for more supplies during the year!

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