Maury Elementary - Kindergarten Supply Kit

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drawstring back pack with supplies-maury.jpg

Maury Elementary - Kindergarten Supply Kit

from 35.00

The Matthew Maury Elementary Kindergarten supply kit includes:

2 facial tissues, 160 ct.
1 storage bags, zip sandwich 45 ct. OR slider quart 24 ct.
1 disinfecting wipes 35 ct. OR baby wipes 80 ct.
8 glue stick, , .21 oz., Elmer's
1 #2 pencils, dozen, sharpened, Ticonderoga
4 dry erase markers, fine tip, black, Expo
3 crayons, 24 ct., Crayola
2 markers, 10 ct., broad tip, Crayola
1 copy paper, 250 sheets, assorted colors

ADD-ON KIT - $15
The Kindergarten teachers have requested some additional supplies on an optional basis. Add this optional set to your order and the items will be provided directly to your child's teacher.

1 Play-doh, 4 oz. can
1 Watercolor, 8 ct., Crayola
1 Cardstock, 50 ct., assorted colors
1 Crayons, multicultural, 8 ct., Crayola
1 packing tape
1 laminating pouches

All kits will be delivered to the Matthew Maury Elementary prior to the start of school. Individual supplies are packaged in a Maury drawstring backpack. Community supplies are provided directly to your child’s teacher. Kits will be available in your child’s classroom.

Add-on Kit (optional):
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