Little Run Elementary School Supply Kit - 6th grade

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drawstring back pack little run.jpg

Little Run Elementary School Supply Kit - 6th grade


The Little Run Elementary 6th grade supply kit includes:

2 #2 pencils, dozen, sharpened
1 pencil box, plastic, standard size
1 highlighters, assorted colors
2 index cards, 3"x5", lined, 100/pk.
1 crayons, 24 ct. OR markers, broad tip, 10 ct.
6 sticky notes, 3"x3", 100 sht/pd
1 scissors, 5", pointed tip
1 ruler, 12", inches and centimeters
4 glue sticks, purple dries clear, .21 oz.
7 folder, 2-pocket, poly (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 2 purple)
2 composition book, wide rule
1 headphones, on-ear
3 filler paper, college rule, 120/pk.
1 spanish/english dictionary
2 dry erase markers, 4/pk., chisel tip
2 dry erase markers (for FLES)
1 disinfecting wipes, 35 ct.
2 binders, 3-ring, 1.5"
1 binder, 3-ring, 1"
1 dividers, 8-tab, poly
1 facial tissues, 160 ct.

Your supply kit will be delivered to the school prior to the back-to-school orientation in August and will be available in your child's classroom at that time. In addition, your purchase will make your school eligible for FREE refills on certain supplies during the year.

***Per FCPS policy, printed supply lists do not list specific brand name products. However, your supply Kit will include the exact products and brands requested by your child's teacher.***

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