John Adams Supply Kit - 4th grade

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drawstring back packjohn adams.jpg
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John Adams Supply Kit - 4th grade


The John Adams 4th grade Supply Kit includes:

6 #2 pencils, dozen, Ticonderoga
1 dry erase markers, chisel tip, 4 ct., assorted, Expo
1 binder, 3-ring, 1.5", view, assorted colors
1 markers, broad tip, 8 ct., Crayola
1 dividers, 3-ring, 8-tab, paper, insertable
1 headphones, earbuds
1 paper towels, 44 ct.
4 facial tissues, 160 ct.
1 disinfecting wipes, 75 ct. OR storage bags, gallon 19 ct.

You’ll receive a complete set of the exact supplies identified by your child’s teacher.

***Your child’s personal supplies will be delivered in a custom John Adams Elementary drawstring backpack. (delivery will be made to the school prior to the first day of school.)

***The items identified as community supplies (tissues, wipes, etc.) will be delivered directly to your child’s teacher for easy collection and storage.
*** Based on the number of students who purchase a Kit, your child’s school will receive FREE refills on select items in January. That means the more parents who purchase a Kit now, the fewer requests parents will receive for more supplies during the year!

NOTE: Sticky notes and 2.5 gallon storage bags are optional items for the 4th grade and are NOT included in this kit. If you would like to provide any of these items please provide them directly to your child's teacher.

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