Greenbriar East - 3rd grade School Supply Kit

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GBE drawstring back pack.jpg
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Greenbriar East - 3rd grade School Supply Kit


Be prepared for a successful school year with a full set of teacher-selected supplies. Your Kit of supplies will be delivered to the Greenbriar East Elementary before the back to school orientation in August.

In addition, your school's PTA will receive credits with which they can buy additional supplies in January!

The 2018-19 Greenbriar East 3rd grade Kit includes:

2 crayons, 24 ct., Crayola
2 Dry Erase Markers, 4/pk., chisel tip, assorted colors, Expo
5 Glue stick, purple dries clear, .77 oz., Elmer's
5 Pencil, #2, dozen, sharpened, Ticonderoga
2 Facial Tissues, 160 ct.
2 baby wipes, 80 ct., soft pack
1 Disinfecting Wipes, 75 ct., Clorox
1 colored pencils, 12 ct., Crayola
1 Headphones, on-ear, leatherette
1 Storage bags, slider, gallon, 15 ct.
1 Storage bags, slider, quart, 20 ct.
2 Flash cards, multiplication
3 eraser, pink, Pink Pearl
1 Markers, broad tip, 8 ct., washable
2 scissors, 5", pointed tip, Fiskars
8 folder, 2 pocket, poly, plain (2 red, 2 orange, 1 purple, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow)
2 ballpoint pen, red
1 clipboard, letter size
3 highlighter, chisel tip, yellow
1 Pencil pouch, zip, fabric, 3-hole
2 filler paper, wide rule
1 notebook, spiral, 1-subject, wide rule (green, blue, purple, yellow)

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