Cheer Competition Survival Kit


Cheer Competition Survival Kit


Surprise your favorite cheerleader before her next competition with this Survival Kit full of essentials and fun. There's always one thing left out of the cheer bag - whether it's hair ties, tissues or hand sanitizer - but your cheerleader will be prepared! The Kit is packaged in a personalized box and packing shred in the recipient's team colors. It also includes a handwritten note with your best wishes for a win at the competition! 

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You will be able to designate your team colors and write your personal note after adding the item to your cart.

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The Cheer Competition Survival Kit includes:

  • Cheer notebook and pen customized with your team's colors (color will be chosen at random if no team colors are specified)
  • Fun socks
  • game book
  • hairties, cotton balls, Q-Tips, bandages and safety pins in a handy plastic storage box
  • hand sanitizer
  • chapstick
  • tissues
  • makeup remover pads
  • toothbrush/toothpaste (just in case!)
  • assorted snacks including potato chips, fruit snacks, animal crackers, blow-pops, M&Ms, Skittles, mini Oreo cookies, rice krispy treat and Fruit by the Foot