Get Well Campus Survival Kit


Get Well Campus Survival Kit

from 31.95

Being away from home is hard enough, but when you're under the weather everyone needs a little TLC. When you can't be there in person to provide chicken soup and some tissues, let the Get Well Campus Survival Kit take care of it for you. Your favorite student will ward off the gloomies with cough drops and warm socks, and keep the germs away with hand sanitizer and healthy snacks. Each box is expertly packaged with signature Campus Survival Kits filler - or you can choose your own colors for just $2 more.

Original size (pictured): $31.95 (approx. 24 individual items)

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The Get Well Campus Survival Kits includes:

  • Warm socks
  • Tissues
  • Cup a Soup
  • Cough Drops
  • rubber ducky
  • cold pack
  • bandages
  • hand sanitizer
  • lavender sachet
  • chap stick
  • Nutrigrain bar
  • Macaroon crunch bar
  • Jell-O Handisnacks (2)
  • saltines crackers
  • animal crackers
  • oatmeal
  • popsicles (2)
  • lotion
  • Blow pops (2)