Great Start Breakfast Survival Kit


Great Start Breakfast Survival Kit

from 32.95

If your favorite student has an early morning class, this Survival Kit is a must. Help them get out the door with fuel in hand. You always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? This Kit is filled with healthy snacks (and a couple that will be good for a sugar kick) so they can start each day off right, even if they sleep in. Comes with our Survival Kit green packaging or you can choose your own colors for just $2 more.

Original size (pictured): $32.95 (approx. 24 individual items)

Double Major size: $54.95 (approx. 44 individual items)

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Because our kits are hand-packed when you order, exact items may vary depending on our stock.

Our current stock for this item includes:

  • Quaker Granola bars (2)
  • single-serve cereal (2)
  • instant oatmeal (2)
  • nut/berry trail mix
  • hot chocolate (2)
  • tea (2)
  • hot cider (2)
  • coffee
  • beverage container
  • mini donuts
  • raisins (2)
  • protein bars (2)
  • Pop Tarts
  • mini muffins
  • assorted granola bars

Note: This item is NOT nut or gluten free